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Minecraft V1.17.1

I am a beginner in modding Minecraft and would like to modify the latest release of the Forge version of Minecraft (v1.17.1). I know how to setup a gradle project for 1.16.5, and can for the most part do it for 1.17.1. The problem is that I have no idea what obfuscation mappings are for Forge 1.17.1. I need to know so that I have the correct mappings to put for line 34 of build.gradle:

Minecraft v1.17.1

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First, you have to keep backup of the Minecraft folder (in order to prevent the hassle from restoring corrupted files).Secondly, install the required version of Minecraft Forge API or the latest one which is compatible with mod.Thirdly download the mod file from above.After that open Start Menu and type %appdata%/.minecraftNow open mods folder and put the downloaded file into it.Lastly, Start Minecraft with forge profile and enjoy every second of playing your favorite game. 041b061a72


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