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Underworld: Blood Wars (English) Hindi Film Free Download

Underworld: Blood Wars (English) hindi film free download

Underworld: Blood Wars is a 2016 action-fantasy film starring Kate Beckinsale as Selene, a vampire death dealer who fights against both the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her. The film is the fifth installment in the Underworld franchise and the sequel to Underworld: Awakening (2012). The film also features Theo James, Charles Dance, Lara Pulver, Tobias Menzies, Bradley James, Clementine Nicholson, and James Faulkner in supporting roles.

The plot of the film follows Selene as she tries to stop the eternal war between Lycans and Vampires, even if it means she has to make the ultimate sacrifice. She is aided by David (Theo James) and his father Thomas (Charles Dance), who are loyal to her. Meanwhile, she is hunted by Semira (Lara Pulver), a power-hungry vampire elder who wants to use her blood to enhance her own abilities, and Marius (Tobias Menzies), a ruthless Lycan leader who wants to use her daughter's blood to create a new breed of hybrids.


Underworld: Blood Wars was released on December 1, 2016 in various countries and on January 6, 2017 in the United States. The film received mostly negative reviews from critics, who criticized the plot, acting, and special effects. However, some fans of the franchise praised the film for its action sequences and Beckinsale's performance. The film grossed $81.1 million worldwide against a budget of $35 million.

How to watch or download Underworld: Blood Wars in Hindi?

If you are looking for a way to watch or download Underworld: Blood Wars in Hindi, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with some options to enjoy this thrilling movie in your preferred language.

  • The first option is to watch Underworld: Blood Wars online on streaming platforms that offer dual audio or dubbed versions of the film. Some of these platforms are Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and SonyLIV. You can subscribe to these platforms and watch the film with Hindi audio or subtitles. However, you may need to check the availability of the film in your region and the quality of the dubbing before watching.

  • The second option is to download Underworld: Blood Wars from websites that offer dual audio or dubbed versions of the film. Some of these websites are HindMoviez,, and Movies Anywhere. You can download the film in various formats and resolutions, such as 480p, 720p, 1080p, MKV, MP4, etc. However, you may need to be careful about the legality and safety of these websites before downloading.

These are some of the ways to watch or download Underworld: Blood Wars in Hindi. We hope you enjoy this movie and have a great time.


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