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[S3E5] Are You From Pinner

Continuing to wonder why everybody seems to worship her mother, Villanelle chats up her stepfather next. All she gets from him though is that her mother has a deep sadness in her. He even seems to sympathize with the fact that Tatiana left Villanelle in an orphanage. Soon enough, the topic of the conversation appears herself and invites Villanelle back inside. There, she presents Villanelle this stylish 80s jumpsuit that she tailored for her daughter. I guess fashion runs in the family.

[S3E5] Are You From Pinner

After three seasons of fascinating murders and artistic murder scenes, we finally know where Villanelle's (Jodie Comer) darkness comes from. All it took was a trip back to her roots, all the way in the Russian countryside and an intense, awkward family reunion to know that in the end, some mommy issues can be fixed only by murder. But even before that crucial twist at the end, fans seemed to have predicted the episode all along. Villanelle's tearing up, confronting her mother for dumping her in the orphanage and never going back for her and eventually setting their entire house on fire did not have the desired effect. And despite most viewers touting a happy, carefree Villanelle acting like a five-year-old amid her family, living up the childhood Oksana missed out on, some labeled the episode boring enough to have been wrapped up in a clip. Those critics' only conclusion is that the episode was meant to be Jodie Comer's Emmy pitch for the year and nothing else.

To recap it all, Villanelle goes to reunite with her family and finds her mother happily remarried with two sons and a step-son. One of them is Villanelle's own brother Pyotr, the other two are her siblings from her mother's current marriage. Despite their happy family Villanelle seems to remember her mother differently - mean and a bully. She spills that in private conversations with Pyotr and her mother's current husband but is assured her mother's inherent sadness has always to do with losing Villanelle as a child. So Villanelle decides to give things a shot, and overlook the past.

All Villanelle wants is for her mother to admit that she is her mother's daughter, that her darkness comes from her mother; instead, all she gets are accusations of not being a part of their family. This makes her kill her mother (duh!) and set their entire house on fire while Pyotr and Bor'ka are outside, in the barn. All of this tense build to an even more predictable ending had viewers now calling the episode boring even though it is probably the most twisted family reunion of all times on TV. But the standards the show has set for its viewers are exceedingly high and that got some of them tweeting: "This show is getting boring this whole episode could have been a clip."

Originally a mediaeval hamlet, the St John Baptist church dates from the 14th century and other parts of the historic village include Tudor buildings. The newer High Street is mainly 18th-century buildings, while Bridge Street has a more urban character and many chain stores.

Pinner also has the lowest crime rate in the whole of London, with several independent schools and single-sex schools with a prestigious reputation, making it a popular area for affluent families.[13] In the 2014/15 period, the Pinner South ward had a crime rate of 24.5, which was the lowest out of all 628 wards of Greater London.[14] The ward also has (data from 2009 to 2013) the second highest female life expectancy in the capital: 91.7 years, only bettered by Holland ward in Kensington and Chelsea.[14]

He learned they were the wife and the younger sister of a surgeon living at Stanmore, who had come in the small hours from a dangerous case at Pinner, and heard at some railway station on his way of the Martian advance. 041b061a72


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