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Punisher ((LINK))

Wolfwood's Punisher has one machine gun in the front and a rocket launcher in the back. In the anime he has another cross when he first meets Vash, where the side arms of the cross open up to reveal a storage bin for eight Grader 2043 pistols (four on each side), this is before an absence where he returns with the punisher we know. After Wolfwood dies, Vash inherits the weapon, and uses it in his battle with Knives.


Razlo the Tri-Punisher of Death wielded, as his name suggests, three punishers total. When he was in his Livio state, they were carried by his three henchmen, Agile, Zain, and a third, unnamed henchman.

We extended research on the identification and evaluation of potential punishers for decreasing automatically reinforced problem behavior in four individuals with autism spectrum disorder. A punisher selection interview was conducted with lead clinicians to identify socially acceptable punishers. During the treatment evaluation, treatment phases were introduced sequentially and included noncontingent reinforcement (NCR), NCR and differential reinforcement of alternative behavior (DRA), and NCR-and-DRA with punishment. During the NCR-and-DRA with punishment phase, four to five potential punishers were evaluated using a multielement design. Dependent measures included the target problem behavior, appropriate item engagement, and emotional responding. For all participants, NCR-and-DRA was not effective and punishment was necessary. However, the most effective punisher identified in the context of NCR-and-DRA differed across participants.

The TIE/ca "Punisher" Starfighter was a class of heavy bomber that was manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems based on the design of the TIE/sa bomber, although it had four times the payload and cost 253,000 credits compared to the TIE bomber's 150,000. The TIE punisher was armed with forward-mounted light laser cannons, a ventral-mounted twin proton bomb chute with tandem release for surface targets, and either four fire-linked forward-mounted proton torpedo launchers or concussion missile launchers. Due to the value of delivering a successful payload, the TIE punisher has a sturdier defense than other TIE craft, including deflector shield systems to ensure delivery of the munitions.[1]

As a bomber, the TIE punisher was not suited for dogfights, and instead used its payload to launch volleys of warheads to blast and obliterate enemy starfighters, freighters, and gunships. The TIE punisher used this same tactic against capital ships, and was able to stay out of range of enemy point-defense laser cannons. The TIE punisher then used its bombs to destroy ground targets, large cruisers and battleships.[1]

The TIE punisher was utilized for heavy bombardment missions where Star Destroyers could not travel to, and was used against ground targets as well as against starships. An Interdictor-class Star Destroyer typically carried a squadron of TIE punishers or TIE/sa bombers for heavy targets.[1]

Punisher cards were first printed throughout the Odyssey block and were red. In the "alternative reality" themed set Planar Chaos, black got two punisher cards, while a multicolored black/red punisher card was printed in Shadowmoor. In Avacyn Restored, Punisher came back again this time as a 4/3 creature for that punishes for 4 damage. Some Punisher cards from the Odyssey block got a modern card frame for the first time in Tibalt's deck for Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt. Another punisher card was printed in Oath of the Gatewatch, while a vertical cycle of them were printed in Hour of Devastation. These last three allowed your opponents to choose from one of three options, all of which were detrimental to them.[4] These particular punisher cards were dubbed as the Torment ability. 041b061a72


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